Wisdom from across the pond

‘Twas a good weekend. It was hotter than Hades here, but given the freezing cold spring we’ve had, I am not complaining.  Heck, I’m on summer vacation! — I’m not complaining about anything.   In fact, it’s ten o’ clock on a Sunday night, which is pretty much when the whole concept of vacation really starts to sink in.  As one of my colleagues said years ago, “Sunday night feels a lot different when you don’t have to teach the next day.”  (By the way: Scott and I did finish the entire bottle of champagne. It was a fabulous Friday night and a very slow Saturday morning.)

But enough of that.  In this season of graduations, I have a little gift to share with you.  This year, the principal of my school retired, and as a tribute one of the art teachers designed a beautiful poster for her.  The poster shares the following saying, which our principal always used to read at graduation.  (She herself learned it as a child, from her headmistress back in England):

Go forth into the world in peace
Be of good courage
Render to no man evil for evil
Encourage the faint-hearted
Support the weak
And always be true to yourself.

I like this very much.  There’s a copy of the poster sitting here by my desk, and I just might frame it and put it up in the house.  I’d love my boys to grow up with these words before their eyes, and in their hearts.

I hope to live up to them myself someday, too.

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