Worth waiting for

Guess what’s happening around here?

The roses are blooming!

For weeks now, I’ve been monitoring the progress of the buds.  And in between all the rain, we’ve had just enough warmth and sunshine to coax some of my beauties into blossom.  Thus far, the pink ones are the only ones that have opened, but the Perfect Moment roses — a lovely mix of red, yellow, and orange — are just days away.  The white and the yellow roses look like they’re not too far behind.

Every year, I love that first  bloom.  I love it.  Roses are finicky, yes, and it takes some work to stave off aphids and powdery mildew and blackspot, but it’s worth the effort to have that gorgeous bounty in my yard, blooming and blooming from April to (some years!) November.  I love that I can set vases full of roses on my table and my writing desk and my little Mary shrine in the hallway. My rosebushes truly are the gift that keeps on giving.

It almost seems like I should have some ritual to mark this, the first bloom of the year.  I should make as big a deal about this as the French do about the beaujolais nouveau.  I guess my writing about it here is a kind of celebration, right?  Regardless,  it’s such a thrill to have these beauties right in front of me as I type this, pale pink and impossibly huge and with a fragrance that sings of summer.

My aunt once gave me a magnet with a quotation by Emma Goldman.  The quotation is  “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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