Yes, I’m a Cran-Fan

Have you seen Cranford?

I first blogged about it here, last year, when I borrowed it from the library.  Now, I have it as my very own and don’t have to worry about racking up an enormous fine before I can watch it all (happy sigh).   I’m loving it just as much the second time around.  What is it about British actresses?  Am I the only one who thinks that they act circles around their counterparts on this side of the pond?  Every woman in this — and it is a very female-heavy cast — is fantastic.  I’m really loving Eileen Atkins’ stiff stern character, and the humanity that, slowly, she starts to reveal towards the end of Episode One (I refuse to give any spoilers).

Watching it again, I am also remembering that there are a few scenes in which the new young doctor in town has to do some pretty icky stuff, like, say, set a broken bone.   If I’m remembering correctly, there’s also an amputation later in the series.  Those scenes, if you ask me, fit squarely under the heading of Reasons To Fall To The Ground And Thank God That You Live In The Year 2010.   I’m one of those low-blood-pressure folks who faints in movies (yes, really), and I have found that it is best to watch those particular scenes from a reclining position.   Eeessh.

But what am I saying?  Don’t let me scare you away from this fabulous series.  It has all the charming half-timbered houses and carriages and crinolines and rolling English landscapes that we Yanks expect in a BBC series.  And, of course, it also has brilliant acting and a beautiful message about the challenges and comforts of community, a message that I’d love to write about further but will have to do on another occasion as it is currently pretty late in my teacher world.

Oh, but I can’t forget the reason why I wrote this post in the first place: the sequel, Return to Cranford, is being shown on PBS this weekend!  Hurrah!   I know what I’ll be doing with my Sunday, grading be darned.  Will you be watching, too?

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