Guess what???

I just got word from my publisher that my little ol’ book, Mary and Me, has won a Catholic Press Association award!

It won third place for “Popular Presentation of the Catholic Faith.” Here’s what the judges said:

“The charm of Mary and Me is  Moyer’s fresh approach to an age-old subject: how Mary touches and influences the lives of ordinary Catholic women.  First-person stories and reflections will inspire readers to see their own view of Mary in a completely new light.”

What a fabulous surprise!  I’m totally excited and jazzed and pumped and all those other adjectives.  I kind of want to wake my toddler from his nap and tell him the news.  (On second thought, I’m not that excited. )

But I WILL tell all of you!!!!  Thanks for letting me shout it from the rooftops!

9 responses to “YIPPEEEEE!

  1. Congratulations, Ginny! Well deserved INDEED! 🙂

  2. Oh, how nice Ginny!! And your blog site is even more enriching. They should check in on that, also.

  3. ‘age-old subject”

    My FAVORITE line…for that’s is the key what gets you sucked in. She has been around for ages, you think you are only supposed to believe ONE way then all these other woman tell THEIR story. AND, you got me to have the courage to look at my journey and share it! That ‘little’ piece keeps on changing me every day, Ginny. It inspired me to go deeper and deeper in to my Lourdes Journey and have the courage to tell others about it and now have my Pilgrimage Ministry…I just realized you are not FB to see the new blog? Click through on the blog above to it…ANYWAY CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You so deserve it and I swear I need to get more copies!

    Love in Mary, Andrea

  4. Ginny, congratulations!

  5. Thank you, everyone! …

    …your congratulations mean a lot.

  6. What awesome news – and well deserved. Congrats!! T

  7. YEAH!! Congratulations… how exciting!!

  8. Ginny, that’s wonderful. Congratulations!