You Go, Girl!

I think I am the last person in the world to watch Susan Boyle’s absolutely glorious performance on Britain’s version of American Idol.  I cried … and smiled.  It thrilled me right to the bone.

If I’m not the last person to see it, I beg you, watch this — it will make your day.  If you’ve already seen it, you know you want to watch it again.  (Sorry I can’t embed the video — but this link will take you there):


I love the judges’ reactions — the tears, the smiles, the awe, and Simon Cowell’s look of surprise-shifting-to-instantaneous recognition right after she starts.  He knows he’s hearing something unforgettable.   So did everyone in the auditorium that night … and so does everyone (over 16 million ) who has since listened to her on YouTube.

This is the very best of reality TV:  real talent, real emotion, and real joy.

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